WSTS Fortran Graphics Subroutine Library


This library consists of a range of graphics calls which are straightforward to add to programs written in languages such as Fortran and C. It is simple to provide a `quick look' facility to a program, and little more effort to produce `presentation quality' output.

The software is written to be easy to port to different systems, allowing you to write truly platform-independent programs with graphics.

Low-level drivers are included for X-Windows (Unix / Mac OSX). At present, no other systems are supported.

The language used is clean Fortran (ANSI Fortran-77 with common extensions). C is used for the interface to some low-level libraries (such as X-Windows).

The library contains routines for drawing 2D lines, filling and shading 2D shapes, drawing 3D lines, filling and shading 3D surfaces, text, colour, 2D and 3D graph-plotting, 2D bar and pie charts, 2D scalar and vector fields (including contouring and field-to-surface), screen saving and loading, and basic interaction tools (as far as different systems allow).

In addition, we include translation programs to convert saved screen data to formats suitable for several hardcopy devices. This offers a way of generating diagrams for TeX and LaTeX documents.

A set of graphics utility programs is included for common requirements, such as plotting sets of (x,y) data. These programs can often save you writing any code at all.

If you have any need for graphics, from `quick look' line-drawing to the preparation of high-quality diagrams, our library can probably make the job easier and faster.

Executable programs:
Source code: