WSTS Data Encryption Software


This software suite provides a flexible and efficient encryption service for text or data files (including executables). Encrypted text can be restricted to printable characters, or allowed to map to non-printable parts of the character table. The encryption algorithm is sophisticated, and virtually unbreakable if used as directed. Encryption keys can be as long as desired, with no practical limit. When using the program, the key may be passed to the encryption software in different ways to minimise the chance of its being discovered by an unauthorised user.

The software package comprises:

At present, all programs operate on files or input/output streams at the operating system level. Effort permitting, we may be able to provide compiled C or Java code to operate on data stored in memory rather than files. If preferred, we can add encryption modules to the source code for existing programs - this is as a code development contract, and is costed separately for each job.

Documentation is supplied as Postscript or PDF.

Executable programs:
Source code: